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I Have A Testimony

Kenneth Muhammad
"I would like to thank Allah who appeared in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad for the Exalted Christ the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan. By the grace of Allah, I have been a follower of the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan for nearly 33 years. The teachings have dramatically changed my and my family's life....

I Have A Testimony

Geneo X Brown
"The teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and the "Show and Prove" lifestyle of Min. Louis Farrakhan has sustained me throughout life and through some of society's most harsh mistreatment of poverty, imprisonment, and genocide in our community...

I Have A Testimony

Brother Syeed x & Sister Dianna x
"We thank Allah For The Teaching of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Through The Honorable Minster Louis Farrakhan.We are Achieving Goals that we could have Never imagined...

I Have A Testimony

Cedric X
“In the month of December of 2018, I became a registered member in the Nation of Islam… I Love You Allah for blessing me with my family the Brotherhood of the Mighty FOI I give thanks for all my brothers for always showing me love at times when I needed it the most. ... I give thanks to our Beloved MGT my Sisters I Love You all!...

I Have A Testimony

Eric Muhammad
“...I have been a registered member of NOI for 26 plus years. It's the teachings of TMHEM given to us by his representative HMLF that changed my life. The HMLF awaken me from a dead level bringing me into the light of truth. He (Farrakhan taught me the knowledge of self with these great books;...

I Have A Testimony

Trinace X
“The Best Decision I Ever Made. I came in the Nation of Islam in high school, this is what I been looking for all my life a true sisterhood and brotherhood. I give all praises to Allah for allowing me to except my own and to be myself and The Believers for helping to mold the sister I am today.

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